Successful partnership with superior value of fresh produce- Hazera at Fruit Logistica 2017

Successful partnership with superior value of fresh produce- Hazera at Fruit Logistica 2017

At Fruit Logistica 2017, Hazera’s main focus will be on Partnerships. Hazera’s objective is to deliver superior value all along the chain, through dedicated vegetable variety breeding and active support. We do this together with growers, but also with partners in the more downstream fresh produce supply chain. Since the start of this approach, several partnerships have taken shape, in which combined expertise resulted in products brought to the markets satisfying consumers’ needs. Continue reading

Hazera, an upcoming global cucumber breeding specialist

Vegetable seed company Hazera has a long heritage in cucumber breeding  Hazera stood at the cradle of game-changing improvements in cucumber genetics, especially in mini cucumber. While it is continuing these improvements, the company is now also embracing other types, conquering new markets and exploring new marketing possibilities. An overview of recent developments with Hazera’s Global Cucurbits Product Manager Mark van der Zouwen. Continue reading

Onion Study Tour ́Exploring the West ́


By Ben de Nijs

On the 17th of April 2016, Hazera organized their 7th Onion Study Tour, which this time went overseas and explored the West in California. 40 VIP onion specialists, consisting of onion producers, processors, packers, traders and agronomists were welcomed to the Airport Hotel in Los Angeles, where the educational and entertaining tour started.

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The onion market in the USA is impressive in size

onion market

Not only in demand, but also in production. With the country producing different crop types ranging from short days to long days (not the extra long day Rijnsburger though), it enables itself to supply the supermarket of the best quality onions available. The biggest onion production is located in the northwest of the USA. The states Washington, Oregon and Idaho together are producing ver 50.000 acres (>22.000 hectares) of onions. Continue reading