A problem with fruit coloration

by Ricardo, Sao Paulo, Brazil



I am a farmer growing Carmen tomatoes near Sao Paulo, Brazil (Planting 10 January). I have a problem with fruit coloration – the upper part of the fruit is turning from red to yellow.
Can you please tell me what is the reason and how can I avoid these symptoms?


Dear Ricardo,
Carmen is green shouldered variety. If not protected from direct radiation during the green stage, especially in hot seasons, the upper part of the fruit coloration can present yellowing when turning red.
There are two possible solutions:
1.Good fruit cover – by building a vigorous plant from the early stages of the crop, even before fruit set, you can protect the green fruit from direct radiation. Be sure to build a good plant from the start, since after fruit set, it is more difficult as the fruit begins to take most of the energy (water & nutrients) from the plant.
2.Using varieties with uniform shoulders – our new varieties for the Brazilian market, such as Tyler or Ametista, have shown no evidence of green shoulders and are not likely to be susceptible to this problem.
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