Many small black spots around the fruit pedicel

black spots around the fruit

by Mr. Wangzhixun, MinQing, Fuzhou, China



In open field production in MinQing (China) many small black spots appear around the fruit pedicel on the majority of fruits. It appears in all varieties in my field. This happens when the fruits are changing color from green to red. The fruit’s skin becomes rough and the coloring is uneven. This phenomenon affects fruit quality and might result in sale loss. Can you please tell me what the cause for this phenomenon is and what are the best ways to avoid it? Continue reading

Yellowing of leaves in tomatoes during the winter season


by Mr. Hitoshi Kifuji, Maebashi-City, Gumma, Japan


We have planted tomatoes in our greenhouse using original hydroponic system. The sowing date was September 10th and transplanting was on the 25th of same month. The harvesting started at the beginning of January. The problem, as you can see in the enclosed photo, is the yellowing of leaves in tomatoes during the winter season. Though leaves of some varieties have recovered as temperatures became warmer, other varieties are still yellow. Our local expert suggested that one of the reasons might be the low temperatures, as greenhouse temperature dropped to 10°C on several occasions. However, he thinks that fertilization might also be involved. I would appreciate your opinion as to what could have caused this problem and ways to avoid it. Continue reading