Hazera’s New Tomato Collection for the US market – with full resistance packages

Hazera is a leader in providing high quality tomato varieties for growers around the world.
One of the company’s newest introduction in the US market is its new outstanding bite-sized Mini Plum Tomato Stacy. This new variety offers some unique features for growers and consumers!   Continue reading

Annual onion cultivar trial

Pasco, Washington

On the 15th of February 2017 Washington State University personnel conducted the storage evaluation of the annual onion cultivar trial, this trial is supplying stakeholders in one of the biggest onion growing areas of the United States with information on the storage quality of onion cultivars. Continue reading

Pazit – a Late Blight Resistant Greenhouse Tomato Variety


Dr. Ron Ecker

For several years late blight, caused by the fungus Phytophthora infestans, has caused devastating damage to tomato crops grown in Israel. The disease is particularly prevalent in nethouses and greenhouses during the autumn, the winter and the spring, when there are high humidity conditions in the greenhouses. The disease spreads rapidly under these conditions and this requires frequent applications of pesticides. In recent years new races of the fungus have emerged which are more resistant to the pesticides currently on the market. Inaccurate pest control can, in extreme cases, lead to the loss of the entire yield. Late blight is a serious problem in the age of “green” agriculture, which aims to reduce the quantities of pesticides used, to make the transition to using environmentally friendly substances and to eventually reach the stage where no artificial sprays are used on crops. Continue reading

Mexico website launching



Hazera Launches its New Mexico Website –
www.hazera.mx a website rich in up-to-date content about information about seeds, biotechnology and agriculture

Hazera, that develops, manufactures and markets hybrid varieties of vegetables and field crops, is proud to announce the launch of its newest website, dedicated to Mexico and Mexican users: www.hazera.mx.
The new website offers users rich, up-to-date content in the fields of seeds, biotechnology and agriculture. Advanced features enable the website to serve as an interactive platform, and an arena for fruitful dialog between the company and its customers. The site will also be used to launch new varieties, share new technological developments, offer agro-technical support and much more. In the site growers will find a catalog of vegetable varieties that includes detailed recommendations, and an option to print product pages, agro technique tips, useful links and more. Continue reading

Hazera Mexico to participate in Expo Agroalimentaria 2012


Hazera Mexico to participate in Expo Agroalimentaria 2012 – Mexico’s Biggest Agricultural exhibition

Hazera Services Mexico, headquartered in agricultural heart of Culiacan, Sinaloa, promotes Hazera Genetics products throughout Mexico. The company also operates an experimental farm to test generation varieties under local conditions and provide advanced training to farmers. So it is only natural that, as every year, Hazera will participate in Mexico’s leading agricultural exhibition – Expo Agroalimentaria 2012. The exhibition brings together all members of the agricultural productive chain in order to promote the development of efficient agriculture. The trade show, one of the most important in Latin America, will be held in Mexico this year from 7 – 10 of November, in Irapuato, Guanajuato. Continue reading

Israeli agronomist received an award at the TOMATO EXCELLENT


Israeli agronomist Eitan Kachel received a lifetime achievement award at the TOMATO EXCELLENT ceremony in Italy.

Agronomist Eitan Kachel, who served as the sales manager for Hazera Genetics company in Italy for 27 years, was awarded a lifetime achievement prize for his contribution to the idea of growing greenhouse tomato varieties for picking and marketing in clusters, the initial realization of this concept in Sicily and Italy, and his contribution to the greenhouse tomato industry mainly in Sicily, while attaining significant economic and nutritional achievements.
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