Hazera’s New Tomato Collection for the US market – with full resistance packages

Hazera is a leader in providing high quality tomato varieties for growers around the world.
One of the company’s newest introduction in the US market is its new outstanding bite-sized Mini Plum Tomato Stacy. This new variety offers some unique features for growers and consumers!   Continue reading

The onion market in the USA is impressive in size

onion market

Not only in demand, but also in production. With the country producing different crop types ranging from short days to long days (not the extra long day Rijnsburger though), it enables itself to supply the supermarket of the best quality onions available. The biggest onion production is located in the northwest of the USA. The states Washington, Oregon and Idaho together are producing ver 50.000 acres (>22.000 hectares) of onions. Continue reading



THE WINNING TEAM- A Success Story in the North American Market

Personal watermelons currently account for about 15% of the US watermelon market, and the percentage is steadily increasing.

Among the reasons for this impressive growth are consumer enjoyment of the truly delicious taste and convenience of the mini-watermelon, as well as the fact that American families are getting smaller. Recently, mini-watermelons have been capturing a market share away from the similar sized, regular melons.
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