Hazera’s New Tomato Collection for the US market – with full resistance packages

Hazera is a leader in providing high quality tomato varieties for growers around the world.
One of the company’s newest introduction in the US market is its new outstanding bite-sized Mini Plum Tomato Stacy. This new variety offers some unique features for growers and consumers!  

Stacy is a very adaptable, multi disease resistant variety with exceptional yield potential. The attractive dark red fruit is sweet, with high Brix and superb eating quality. The strong, indeterminate plant is suitable for extended harvest, and can be grown all year round and in all conditions. Its high cracking resistance makes Stacy the best choice when growing in wet and humid conditions. Fruit can also be left on the bush longer without suffering the normal fruit losses linked to sweet mini plum tomatoes.  Stacy’s full resistance package makes an optimal choice for organic growers.


Olene is another Hazera favorite – a high quality, indeterminate grape tomato variety. Olene provides fruit with an intense red color, excellent flavor and high sugar. The fruit is firm, with
an attractive shape along with consistency of size and flavor. The plant’s features include TSWV resistance and strong vigor, making it suitable for extended harvests.
We are proud to also introduce our determinate Roma Affinity. Affinity is a determinate plant that produces a high yield of good quality, elongated fruit. It offers multiple virus resistances
and early fruit maturity.


Vanessa is a new determinate Roma type hybrid tomato with good fruit quality and good performance that is suitable for hot set conditions. It provides a wide range of resistors
including Fol 3,Sl, TSWV,TYLCV and ToANV.


Tycoon is a determinate beef tomato with good yield of nice quality, globe shaped fruit. The strong plant structure provides good cover for the fruit. Tycoon offers multi-virus resistance
and is suitable for either mature green or vine ripe harvest.