Ocelot: Hazera’s latest mini watermelon in a great product line

Ocelot: This is Hazera’s latest mini watermelon in a great product line.
This is a mini watermelon that produces primarily size 8. (8 melons/box) Ocelot is a high yielder, with a nice tiger strip rind and a very deep red flesh. It has very high brix, 12-13. With a good semi thick rind which helps in shipping.

Sales for this mini watermelon is growing very strong in the Americas.
Bell peppers: a new D1, 75020 has been chosen for a niche market; cupping. This is when the bottom 1-2” of the pepper is cut and frozen. Then will be stuffed with meat for a processer type ready to eat meal. This pepper is a small to medium size with very nice 4 lobed bottoms and very square, this aids in the ability to stand up without falling over. Nice thick walls 8-10mm, and very nice green outside color. The yield is outstanding. Testing on large acres will take place in 2015.

Ocelot- mini watermelon