Olivia Tomato

A one-bite wonder

Olivia tomato, a grape/mini-plum variety from Hazera, displays a combination of positive qualities, making it attractive to all links in the chain – from the grower, through the shipper and the retailer, to the end-user (consumer). It is unusual for one single variety to be “blessed” with characteristics that have such a wide appeal. The variety has been developed by Hazera, using traditional plant breeding techniques.

Olivia tomatoThe Grower enjoys the fact that Olivia tomato is easy to grow under a wide range of growing conditions. With resistance to Fusarium race 3, to Fusarium Crown Rot and to nematodes – in addition to standard resistances -the grower can plan to use reduced quantities of plant protection materials during the growing season. In addition, Olivia’s strong vigor makes it suitable for long-season production, producing anywhere from 14 to 25 trusses.

The Packer/Shipper benefits from the very firm fruit of OLIVIA giving an extended shelf-life and holding up well to prolonged transport from field to market. Excelling in a consistency of fruit size produced – with an attractive teardrop shape – Olivia tomato is liked for ease of packing.

For the Retailer/Consumer, Olivia tomato is an attractive mini-plum/grape type with elongated shape. The ‘grape tomato’ segment is one that is increasing in popularity year-on-year.

The intense red color of Olivia gives the fruit a very attractive appearance. Olivia has a very pleasant taste with high sugar (brix of no less than 8 -9 %) and, with a single bite, is great for snacking.

When asked what are the features of Olivia that distinguish it from competitive varieties, Yair Askira, Nafta Professional Manager at Hazera, does not hesitate … “a consistency of fruit size throughout the growing season and a brix (sugar) level that never drops below 7%”. Askira also brings attention to the variety’s resistance to Fusarium Race 3 (“very few similar varieties have that”) and a resistance to Fusarium Crown Rot which cuts out the need for grafting, thus saving a significant expense.

Yair Askira Yair Askira | Regional Sales Manager




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