Resistar tomato is Hazera’s debut of tomato rootstock variety. This fine rootstock is a combination of a wild type genetic source crossed with Hazera’s advanced genetic material. Resistar tomato is compatible with most of Hazera’s indeterminate tomato varieties and has demonstrated the ability to improve the vigor and yield of the plant. The long list of resistances shown by Resistar makes Resistar a dual-purpose rootstock – it can be used to improve the natural vigor of a variety as well as supplement it with additional resistances. Resistar has higher germination rate than many other rootstocks and has shown even emergence, both of which present additional value to nurseries. Resistar should not be used with TMV-susceptible varieties.

Resistar tomato
HR: Vd, Fol (race1,2), ToMV, For
IR:Mi, Mj, Pyl

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