Good proportion of “6” & “8” in the box and healthy plant. Very tasty, high brix variety (11%-13%) Healthy plant, tolerance to viruses in different conditions High yielding, Good proportion of “6” & “8” in the box Long shelf life Type: Tiger

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New generation of quality New generation of high 6 count quality Reference for high % 6 count High yielding Excellent internal quality High brix level (11%-13%) Healthy plants with tolerance to Powdery Mildew Sizes in box: 6-55% 8-30% Other-25% Type: Crimson Resistance – IR : Powdery mildew

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New generation of quality. Good balance between 6-8 count Excellent internal quality High brix level (11%-13%) High yielding Uniform round shape Suitable for multiple harvesting with strong plant Type: Crimson Sizes in box: 6- 60% 8- 30% Others- 10%

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Serval watermelon


Excellent uniformity in grading, excellent flesh color, very good shelf life and early behavior.

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Extazy watermelon


High yield, dark red, firm sweet flesh with good shelf life.

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Leopard watermelon


Super sweet and crunchy, suitable for long distance shipment.

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Lynx watermelon


Innovation: Our first smaller mini (micro) watermelon with excellent shelf life.

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Ocelot watermelon


Outstanding internal qualities: excellent taste and texture, high brix and deep flesh color.
Perfect size ratio of 6 (35-45%), 8 (40-50%) in a box.

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Tigris watermelon


High yield, good firmness, deep red internal color, round uniform shape

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