Joelino is a main to late season maturing hybrid with vigorous tops. It produces globe shaped, firm onions with a good skin.

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Rhino Onion (37-86)


Spanish hybrid with excellent storability, performs very well on drip and/or furrow irrigated fields. Rhino has vigorous, glossy tops. This hybrid is highly single centered, with nice white flesh and crispy rings, making it suitable for the processing industry.

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Red Sea onion

Red Sea

ONM hybrid with flattened globe shape and attractive dark red skin color.

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112 days Spanish storage hybrid , firm dark-skinned onions for long storage. Jumbo, semi-flat to globe shaped bulbs Dark skinned firm bulbs with strong retention Scored well on PR and FoC Erect, vigorous tops Skin color : Yellow Shape : Flat Round Firmness : Very Firm

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