Indeterminate Cherry hybrid, productive plant, suitable for loose and cluster picking, beautiful red fruit color and good firmness.

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Amaretto *New

New hybrid tomato with intense yellow color and excellent shelf life. The tomato has special taste and high internal quality.

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Affinity * New

Multiple virus resistance. Excellent fruit quality and uniformity, compact plant with good cover. Very high yield potential. Early maturity with very good resistance to general leaf diseases.

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Galilea tomato


High quality Roma type fruit with high yield. Suitable for various climates.

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Katya tomato


New hybrid determinate Roma type with excellent fruit quality and high yield, included resistances Fol 3 and TYLCV.

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Matty tomato


New determinate Roma variety with excellent quality , good yield, very firm.

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Shanty tomato


Strong plant. Very high yield. With TY & TSWV resistances combination. Suitable for various conditions.

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Alvaro tomato


Early variety, high quality fruits, very productive, strong and healthy plant.

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Daniela tomato


The world’s first Vine-Ripe tomato variety. Excellent yield with very long shelf life. Extremely adaptable for various growing conditions.

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