Alvaro tomato


Early variety, high quality fruits, very productive, strong and healthy plant.

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Daniela tomato


The world’s first Vine-Ripe tomato variety. Excellent yield with very long shelf life. Extremely adaptable for various growing conditions.

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Felicity tomato


TY resistant variety, suitable for indoor cluster production and open field loose fruit harvesting.

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Rona tomato


High productive Mini Plum with wide range of resistances. Suitable for open field and greenhouse production.

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Shiren tomato


Compact and strong plant with very high yield potential. Very elegant “Fishbone” cluster with long shelf life fruit.

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Danna tomato


Semi determinate Grape, Strong and healthy plant. Very high yield with good continuity.

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Tylon tomato


TY resistance variety, very high yield with good color and firmness. Suitable for open field and greenhouse production.

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Olivia tomato


It has unique combination of qualities: good and intensive color,excellent flavor, high sugar, firm fruits and attractive shape along with consistency of size and flavor. The variety has strong vigor that makes it suitable for long season.

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