Shanty and Galilea tomatoes The Road to Success

In the last two years we had very good success with our two leading determinate Roma varieties “Shanty and Galilea tomatoes”. Those two varieties are our main success in the last two years and I want to share the story of their success with you.

Shanty was develop by our tomato breeder Dr. Ron Ecker in Florida and Israel in 2004 and from the first time that we saw this variety we knew that we have “a home run”. I remember walking in one of our tomato trials in FL in 2005 and stopping for a second near one of the tomato plots. I told Rony hey what do we have here? You must see this one! From that moment and on, after very good trials in Israel and other regions we understood that we have Gold in our hands! That variety is a “Manufacture Machine” of very high yield! And very good hot setting and good TY resistant. We have started to sell Shanty all over Central America, South America and other counties in the Middle East. When ever we trial “Shanty” it becomes a big Success…today we are selling “Shanty” in more then 14 counties and its still just the beginning!

First time we saw Shanty in FL- June 2004
First time we saw Shanty in FL- June 2004

One good story about Shanty:
One day Dr. Ron Ecker and I visited one of our tomato trials in Israel and we met Mr. Omar Zidan one of the most valued profession persons nowadays in the agriculture sector in Israel. he told us that in one of his last visits in Central America he was traveling in Honduras one day and his hosts took him to see a very successful tomato field in the middle of nowhere… they told him he will now see one of the best tomato fields ever! After he visited the tomato field he asked them what variety it was? And then very proudly they told him “this is Shanty from Hazera.”
Today Shanty is one of the most successful TY determinate Roma varieties in the world!
The variety Galilea was developed in Mexico by our tomato breeder Mr. Ezri Peleg.

Galilea was developed for a very tough growing condition in Central Mexico in the area of Sun Luis Potosi. Ezri worked on the project for more then 6 years and after he released a few varieties in the segment he developed. From the first moment that we saw this variety in the first trials we knew that we have in our hands one of the best Roma tomatoes for the Mexican market and one of the best Determinate Roma tomatoes in the world!

The perfect fruit = Galilea
The perfect fruit = Galilea

This variety brings very high quality fruit with strong plant and very high yield. All this brings it to become “one of the best Roma varieties in the world.” We started to sell Galilea for the first time in Mexico in 2007 and nowadays we are also selling Galilea to the USA, Brazil, Israel, and Peru and very soon it will be commercial in many other markets! We are sure that Galilea will be one of our top varieties in the coming year worldwide and a very successful one!
The prefect fruit = Galilea ….

Ezri Peleg the breeder of Galilea working in our breeding farm in Mexico