Yellow tomatoes

09/04/2012 9:17:00 AM by Yair Askira

Yair AskiraThere are numerous tomato varieties currently available in the market, and in recent years we’ve witnessed growth in the market share of yellow tomatoes – both cherry and grape. Yellow tomatoes are one of the tomato varieties introduced to Europe hundreds of years ago, and were most likely grown in Mexico, Central and South America long before to the arrival of Europeans. People buy yellow tomatoes for various reasons – for their unusual color, as a beautiful addition to the salad bowl, and for their unique flavor.

The yellow tomato is a single gene mutation of the normal (red) tomato. Crossing a red tomato with a yellow tomato produces red tomatoes – proof that the yellow color is a mutation. In the yellow mutant, lycopene production is blocked so that the fruit does not turn red and has a low level of beta-carotene, yet some scientific studies have found that yellow tomatoes have higher levels of other micronutrient. The color has no effect on the sugar level or the level of vitamin C.

People often ask if a yellow tomato tastes like a red tomato. I believe that the answer to this question is essentially no. Yellow tomatoes can have the same sugar level as red tomatoes, but they often have lower acidity levels, which may affect their overall taste. The aroma is different as well. According to our tomato breeder, many aroma compounds in tomatoes are byproducts of the lycopene synthesis. Since yellow tomatoes do not have lycopene, the byproducts are different and so is the aroma which is quite unique. In any case, most yellow tomatoes have very good overall flavor.

Not all the yellow varieties taste the same. Small fruit varieties are sweeter than large fruit varieties, and growing conditions also affect the overall flavor. The most flavorful and sweet yellow tomatoes are the cherry-size varieties, such as honeydrop, limoncito, solana and summer sun. Irrigating with less water will make any fruit sweeter and increase its nutritional value (higher concentration).
Several companies have planted Hazera’s yellow cherry tomatoes and have reported excellent results. Our varieties have high levels of sugar, excellent flavor, good shelf life and high yield, and we offer yellow tomato varieties in several shapes.